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A stair building business doesn't make money costing, quoting, designing, documenting, drawing, scheduling, organising and managing.

These things are important. However, you only make money supplying material and installing the staircase. AppliCad will significantly reduce the time spent on non-income-earning administration, and significantly speed up the actual income earning task of designing and installing stairs.

Improve the accuracy of your quotes, improve productivity and efficiency, reduce the error rate, reduce waste and increase profitability.

AppliCad software helps you make money by increasing sales!


Advanced Software for Stair Professionals

More specifically, you will benefit from AppliCad software in the following ways:


The AppliCad Process

AppliCad helps your business because the staircase design processes are precise and more efficient. It works because it is "a defined process" and it gives you greater control over the systems within your business. The software 'works' for you on different levels - it is fun and easy to use and will bring significant improvements to your business.

News! - AppliCad at IWF 2008

AppliCad exhibited at the world renowned International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, August 20-23, 2008. Our booth, #1967 was very well attended in spite of attendances reportedly down by 40%. Welcome on board the new guys we met and we look forward to working with each and every one of you.







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